Green Systems Awareness Certification

The main objective of this course is to heighten the awareness of Green concepts, systems, terminology and products. The program also stresses the relationship between the various systems encountered in new builds (as well as retrofits/remodels) and the conservation of resources. Discussion of sustainable technologies and the impact of decreasing operating and maintenance costs is emphasized. The course is also designed to familiarize UA members with the United States Green Building Council's LEED Green Building Certification System.

Upon successful completion of this program and assessment, participants will receive a certification document that attests to their knowledge of the emerging concepts, terminology, systems and products that are considered "green." The course also gives attention to the specification, purchase and application of energy efficient products. The required text for this course is the Green Awareness Manual.

In order to obtain the Green Awareness Certification the UA member must attend a 24 hour class (mandated by National Inspection Testing Certification Inc.) The student will then be required to pass a 100 question multiple choice exam.

The exam will be administered by NITC and proctored by Columbus Testing Laboratory (CTL).

"It's knowing where the industry is heading, what changes are being made so that we can stay ahead of those changes, and making sure our members are well trained to meet those changes in the industry"

Green Awareness Certification