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Industrial Rigging Certification

The Industrial Rigging Certification requirements are as follows:

  • Must attend 90 hours of instruction
  • Pass a proctored written test
  • Pass proctored practical tests - (One test using manual rigging equipment. The second test the member works with a crane.)

During the practical test with the crane, students rig a piece of fabrication and lift it level in both directions. They then need to signal the crane and work the fabrication into the structure and bolt it to the flanges installed on the structure.

Each participant must be able to identify the difference in cable, chains, slings, knots, rope and rigging equipment. They also learn sling angles, stress points, and general safety practices.

Industrial Rigging Bottom

We are presently erecting a new two-story industrial rigging training structure that is scheduled for completion October 2013. (stop back and see the finished trainer)