Plumbers and Pipefitters Joint Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training School

The Joint Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training Committee spends more that $1,080,000.00 annually on training. This does not count any grant monies received from the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters in Washington D.C. We do not receive any money from outside sources.

This annual budget is possible because of the men and women of Plumbers & Pipefitters and the Mechanical Contractors Association believe in education.

The apprentices combined log in over 36,000 classroom hours. There are on average 350 to 450 journeymen returning for upgrade training. On an average they log in over 18,500 classroom hours. Each apprentice is offered 234.5 classroom hours. They must reach a minimum of 220.5 training hours each year. Other criteria would include a minimum 1912 hours on the job, a satisfactory work report from their employer, a passing GPA of 70% or greater, and be reviewed and approved by the Trustees of the program.

Our members know that the only way to stay competitive is through hard work and continuing education. Our commitment to education is second to none. The members of Plumbers & Pipefitters have been committed to apprenticeship and to a strong training program since the program was registered with the Department of Labor in April 1946. And well before that date,  Plumbers & Pipefitters has been training apprentices in Columbus since 1898.

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